Three Impotent Males S​/​T

by T.I.M.

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"Wonderful World" was used on CBC Television shows "Black Harbour", and "The Rez".


released March 3, 1996

Released on Raw Energy Records with distribution by Page (Canada), Caroline (US), and Blackmark (Europe).

Recorded by Pete Hudson, assisted by Blade Worang at Hallamusic, Toronto, ON.

Artwork by Mike Budgen / Layout by Greg Fraser

Wes: Guitar, Vocals
Carl: Bass Vocals
Jeff: Drums



all rights reserved


T.I.M. Ontario

Three Impotent Males aka T.I.M. is a three piece fast skate punk band originally formed back in 1994 before signing to Raw Energy Records with distribution by Page (Can), Caroline (US) & Black Mark (Europe). Now we're DIY, a bit older, and a lot louder.

Wes: Guitar/Vocals
Mike: Bass
Wally: Drums
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Track Name: Wonderful World
the homeless in the street can’t find a fuckin place to sleep
as the political criminal turns up the thermostat
someone scrapes the bottom of the barrel just to eat
and we all become so fat
we’re so fuckin stupid we don’t give back what we take
we frown on the less fortunate and poor
no one cried when the homeless guy died
apparently if you’re famous it matters more
it is a wonderful world we live in
as long as we’re protected from the outside

fairy tale wonderland
stand alone don’t understand
as our souls slowly died

bang bang bang three shots ring out
someone’s son was just taken out
at twelve years old that’s no way to go
he was black who gives a fuck
pile back into the police truck
who did it we will never know
i’ll play the cards that i’ve been dealt
but i’ll always have an ace in the hole
your fuckin perfect fairy tale land is spinning out of control
it’s a wonderful world
Track Name: Friendship Song
today i met someone that i have known for a long time
but i didn’t get to know her until she came into my life
now she means so much to me
more than she’ll ever know
in a way she is my best friend
that’s more respect than i can ever show
i’ve never met anyone who can really understand

the way we shares experiencs it’s hard to understand
that we can form a bond in such a short time
i feel good today, for the first time
my friend i’ll stand beside you
through the thick and thin
through it all we’ll stand together until we win
and when we talked on the bench in teh park
the clouds started lifting for once it seemed less dark
since you walked into my life
i’ve been feeling good for the first time
Track Name: Heroin
stick me in your arm and i’ll chase away your pain
as you push the plunger i’ll drive you insane
and your life depends on me more than you’ll ever know
broken dreams and track marked arms are all you have to show
i can ease your agony but it’s tragic irony

you think i am a drug that keeps you alive
day after day as i increase my grip
i’m the parasitic leech they call me herion
hero in a needle just like courage in a can
think you have control of me but you don’t understand
addiction is a bond held tight by you and me
try so hard to justify but you just can’t see
i’m the parasitic leech called heroin
Track Name: Fading
i remember a time in my life
when everything was fine
but as the days passed
i think back once more
and remember one more time
all the times when i smiled and laughed
i didn’t comprehend
ten years from then
i finally realized
that the world was just pretend
see the way my life’s turned out
and the memories fucking fade away

now i have acquaintances
who outnumber my friends
but would they stand by my side
because so many times
i trusted what they said
and it turned out to be lies

so fuck what i’ve learned
and fuck what i’ve said
and fuck my point of view
'cause when the time comes
and you need a friend
my answer will be fuck you
i raise my hand
like i have something to say
see that’s the way my life has turned out
smile and just leave it til some other day
and the memories just fucking fade away
Track Name: Take A Number
look into the eyes of the lucky incarnate
believing that your life is worth a shit
it’s quite plain to see that your life has no purpose
it’s tearing you up inside
you want all the answers you won’t ask the questions
but that’s not how life is fought
believe when they say there’s no end to the madness
but throw out all that you’ve been taught
take a number
and don’t ask questions now
so up on your feet over twelve hours a day
to fill up the gap between nothing and no one

you’re famous for all of your eloquent shit
but no one remembers your name
the world is all sunny when you get your paycheque
and then it all slips right away
with all the promotion it doesn’t seem worth it
for your fifteen minutes of fame
the choice wasn’t hard between living and dying
to see our dreams succeed
you wanted a real loud voice
to be heard by all your friends
it’s just so predictable
believe me when i say
you don’t need any help
to come to a fashionable end
Track Name: Grad
people say i did well in my life
but i feel i missed a major opportunity to prove that i’m something
something more than nothing
to prove i deserve more than i’ve got

what can i do when i know what has to be done
but i have no desire to do it
seventy two fucking years swept away in the waning autumn
people say i did well in my life but i still stare through myself
through the hole in my head left there by a bullet
i pulled the trigger all by myself
Track Name: Corporate Rock
you said without you we’d never hit the top
at the time we didn’t care if we soared or if we flopped
you said you wanted to make us into heroes
for the generation you like to call us zeros
never will i take this path again
never will i bring down a friend
never will i tell myself a lie

convincing myself i will die
now we’ve made a record and we’re doin’ all right
won’t give our personalities up without a fight
know how it feels to be a slave to the masses
bunch of sellout butt-fuckin glam-rocking dumbasses
walk through the streets in a town i don’t know
see the poor all round and i feel like a whore
sell you a product the blood of my life
prostituting talent – it just ain’t right
Track Name: Life
life is a trap but i’m not stupid
i try to turn back but i can’t do it
all my mistakes i’ll make it through it
life is a trap but i’m not stupid
tried to get through it all
but i always seem to trip and fall
try to get up again
i see alone is how i stand
i need your hands to break my fall
my back is sore my legs are weak
it’s hard to stand for what you speak
yeah my life sucks

i feel the pressure of your morality
you can’t hide your superficiality
my opinion makes no difference
i’m too fucking tired to walk the distance
yeah my life sucks

i try to see the purpose in the things you do
once you f*ck with me man i’m gonna f*ck with you
throughout the years i mellowed but now i’m back
taking no blame for the brains you lack
yeah my life sucks
Track Name: Anti-Umbro
timmy had it up to here with getting beat by jocks
just because he likes to ride a skateboard
now he has an answer and it makes him feel so good
now timmy has bought a gun hepped up on crack
and smoking a joint driving all over town
bustin some heads and kicking some ass

he puts jocks under ground
timmy rounds the corner of fifty two and nine
sees the spot where the jocks hang out
opens up the door and unloads a round
everyone is gonna die tonight?
timmy went before a judge who decided on his fate
spend his final days in a jail cell with some guy named bubba
the king of anal rape when he’s not watching football
Track Name: I Hate Your Mom
i hate your mom for all the things she’s done to us
things were great when we first met
now we have changed and we’re much older now
how easily we forget
when you said we’d be together
until the end of time
now the end of time has come and gone
and we end up taking sides

i hate your dad for all the things he’s done to us
things were great when we were one
but apparently i crossed a line
pushed the edge of the envelope one too many times
i pulled the trigger on my own gun

everyday things changed i felt a healing in my heart
’cause if i’d meant so much to you you’d have known from the start
that once we held a bond and shared in the truth
i might hate your parents
but mostly i hate you
Track Name: Send in the Clones
i send my regards yet, i find it so hard
to see someone say fuck the system
a popular mentality, opposing reality
because you keep striving for the top, (you never stop)

we vote we rock the vote but we don’t ever rock the boat
we are afraid of the results of our actions on tv

infecting me subliminally, erotically
intentionally fucking with our minds

the generation after gen x
our society is based on gratuitous sex
and a play-dough revolution perfectly molded
a fun factory of lies with hate in our eyes
who needs to grow old
we are canadian you and me
and if you think we are really free
sit down and shut your fucking mouth

you say anarchy this and anarchy that
yet you work with the system that you attack
your convictions are thrown aside
quite readily you join the clones
Track Name: Bondage Girl
bondage is the way to go
whips and chains are all you know
see the nipple tassels swirl
bondage girl, bondage girl
Track Name: He Stands
he stands at the doorway of light
his head resting in his cupped hands
from this vantage point he swears to god he understands
that those who don’t praise his lord are sinful and unjust
wants to feel the touch of god even though he’s lost his trust

blind by the light of propaganda flexing all it’s might
selfish prayers are never answered still he says them every night
and his bible is like a gun pointing it at his chosen ones
scare tactics to recruit them while they are young
Track Name: T.V.
i grew up in a world that was all wrong
nothing i did could help it at all
so i found my place and took a stand
didn’t take too long to grow into a man
i sit at home and watch t.v.
how could this happen to me
i tried to change the world like a one man infantry

tried so hard that my hands began to bleed
because i needed help like everyone else
i look to you but your too fucking scared to help
there was a time when i thought i could save the world
but i was far too young
i stand alone what do i see
a bunch of fucking idiots
with the same thoughts as me
(but they won’t help)
Track Name: Control
i feel in control of myself today finally feel all the
things i should have said in control of my actions and
feelings and fear won’t you come and join me here i’m in
control of myself won’t talk to anyone else there are so
many people full of original powers and ideas i just
follow the pack like a lifeless individual telling myself
that i’m original until today